Penticton Okanagan Lake Waterfront
Penticton is a picturesque city located in the Okanagan which is home to some of the province’s most stunning freshwater beaches. The city enjoys a mild climate and hot summers, which makes it an attractive place to call home as well as a tourist hot spot in the summer. To gain a better understanding of the makeup of this wonderful city, here is a brief overview of the demographics.


Penticton’s population has remained relatively stable with mild increases over the past decade. It’s current population is 33,761. Over the past 5 years Penticton has grown at 3% annually. This has directly translated into economic growth, new housing projects and new businesses. Respectable growth is forecasted to continue for the next few years. Penticton has always attracted a diverse and skilled population.

Age Distribution

The median age in Penticton is 50 years, with age distribution as follows:

  • 14 and under – 12.6%
  • 15 to 64 – 61.6%
  • 64 and over – 25.8%

Over 60% of the population is of working age. This large workforce is comprised of a strong base of skilled and general labourers when compared to the rest of British Columbia. Wage rates in Penticton make it a very attractive place for employers, therefore a great city for small business startups.


The housing selection in Penticton is well-balanced. There is an excellent selection of stand-alone houses in our safe and welcoming neighbourhoods. Penticton also has a wide choice of high rise and low rise apartments, as well as townhouses.

Over 63% of Penticton residents own their home. The average housing price in the city is just over $394,000. In recent years Penticton has enjoyed a rise in housing starts bringing both new rental and ownership opportunities.


The three most spoken languages in Penticton are:

  • English – 86%
  • German – 3%
  • Punjabi – 2%

There is also a diverse First Nations population in Penticton. The city’s name is taken from the Salish First Nation language. This diversity can be seen in the culture and First Nation’s heritage present in the city. In addition to a strong First Nation’s presence, Penticton is quickly becoming a multicultural city with many different ethnic minorities.

Penticton – A Place to Stay Forever

The recent population growth and strong economic forecast of the city make Penticton an attractive place to call home. The picturesque scenery, proximity to some of the region’s finest wineries and immediate access to two beautiful lakes add to the allure. One visit to this welcoming community will show you why it lives up to its namesake of “a place to stay forever.”