penticton city hall - utilities government
The municipal government of Penticton has worked hard to make it one of the most livable cities in the Okanagan. Our broad vision statement and growth plan of Penticton coupled with excellent use of green space and focus on creating a tourist friendly destination have attracted many new residents to our forward-thinking city.

Here is a brief overview of the role the municipal government plays in Penticton and what you can expect if you choose to call this city home.

City Council

Penticton’s city council is comprised of a 7-member panel headed by the mayor. The council is elected to a 4 year term. Cit Council is responsible for passing and implementing city bylaws, collecting property tax, and the approval and overall direction of all spending for city projects.

The overall vision of Penticton’s city council is:

“Penticton – A vibrant, innovative, adventurous waterfront city focused on sustainability, community and economic opportunity.”


The city of Penticton provides a wide range of services that fall under the category of utilities. These services include garbage and recycling collection, water treatment and public works.

Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste

All residents of Penticton receive weekly curbside garbage collection. Penticton is also part of the province-wide Recycle BC program that allows residents to recycle a host of items by placing them in their blue bin for bi-weekly curbside pickup. For residents who receive curbside garbage collection the City also offers bi-weekly pick-up of yard trimmings during the months of March – December.

Yardwork items can include:

  • Organics such as grass or yard clippings.
  • Tree branches, pine cones or fruit droppings.
  • Kitchen scraps and food waste are not accepted.


All of Penticton’s residential and commercial electricity is provided by BC Hydro – a provincially owned corporation. Each residence is charged for their electricity based on their monthly usage. The city is part of the energy awareness campaign and encourages residents to make Power Smart decisions.

Water and Sewer

All Penticton’s water is treated at the city’s water treatment plant. This plant has 3 distinct areas of focus:

  • Operation – The focus of the water treatment plant is to ensure there is access to a safe supply high quality water.
  • Cross Connection Control – Evaluates potential contamination issues in the domestic water supply.
  • Water Conservation – Responsible for educating the public and developing programs to make residents aware of the benefits of conserving water.

Penticton’s waste water is treated at the Penticton Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant (AWWTP). The city also operates 10 waste water pump stations throughout the city. The plant has recently been upgraded to be more environmentally responsible.

Property Taxes

Penticton’s property taxes pay for many of the services provided to residents. These include:

  • Penticton’s Regional Library.
  • Public Works in the city – parks, etc.
  • Penticton’s Regional School District.
  • Penticton’s Regional Hospital.

All property taxes are calculated using the following formula:

  • Assessed property value X Property tax rate = Property Tax Bill.

Penticton’s property tax notices are mailed annually in mid-June and are due the last working day of July. A 10% late payment fee is applicable to any overdue taxes. There is also a Homeowner’s Grant that can be applied to reduce your annual property taxes.


Penticton Regional Hospital provides core medical and surgical specialty services for patients in the city and surrounding areas. The hospital offers 24 hour emergency and trauma services, acute care services, as well as ambulatory and outpatient clinics, and diagnostic and paramedical services.

Important Phone Numbers

Some important numbers to know in the city of Penticton are:

  • 911 – Emergency
  • 250-492-4000 – Penticton Regional Hospital
  • 250-490-2300 – Fire Department (Non-emergency)
  • 250-492-4300– RCMP (Non-emergency)

Penticton – Bold Vision and New Growth

Many of the initiatives of Penticton’s municipal government have helped to attract new business, new economic growth and a diverse population. One look at the many festivals and the bustling downtown core or the booming tourist industry will show you the effectiveness of our city council. All this has benefited the community and continues to make Penticton a desirable place to call home.