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I share with you information acquired on my long, successful career as one of the top realtors in the Penticton area.

I sincerely hope this book is the most truthful, blunt, straight-forward, non-sugarcoated, no holds-barred book about buying real estate ever written on the subject.

I hope to strike a chord with you: the chord of authenticity.

NO college classroom theory or fluffy nonsense.

Only real-world truths from someone who succeeds day in day out running their own real estate brokerage.

I have written this book as if we were sitting around at the end of the day, on the dock watching the sunset, enjoying a cool beverage, and just hanging out talking real estate.

I have occasionally been described as a TOUGH, demanding, no-nonsense Realtor. These people would be correct in describing me as a person who does NOT believe in confusing fantasy with reality. I believe in “accurate thinking” over positive thinking and have found I am most successful when I have a firm grip on the way things really are and least successful when caught wrestling with the way things “ought to be.”

In this book I will share with you my years of real estate experience. What has worked for my clients – what has NOT worked.

If you are looking to buy a house…

You will find this book will help you move forward.

If You Are Just Getting Started in The Home Buying Process…

Thank your lucky stars you got this book before making mistakes. We are not in the same real estate market as our parents once were. Times have changed and strategies that worked 30 years ago no longer work.

It is my goal to help you avoid as many pitfalls as possible. I am going to be your expert guide, and in the end – once you have had a chance to read this book – hopefully be your agent to finding your dream place to live or buy for investment.

This Is A No-Nonsense House Buying Book…

I am going to tell you:

  • how to judge the skill of a realtor you chose
  • find the newest in technology aids for home hunters
  • give you money-saving tips on hiring a top-notch home inspector to provide you home-buying peace of mind
  • guide you through finding great deals
  • negotiating a win-win closing
  • and a lot more

This is the Table of Contents

Introduction “Let the Buyer Beware”

  1. What This Book is NOT About
  2. Tips for First Time Buyers
  3. Your Realtor’s Knowledge is Power!
  4. Now the Fun Begins!
  5. Technology For Home Hunters
  6. Establishing Expectations
  7. Making An Offer
  8. Home Inspection Tips
  9. Avoiding Buyer Mistakes
  10. Finding the Best Deal
  11. Buying a For Sale by Owner
  12. From Contract to Closing
  13. Let’s Get Started

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