A well-manicured flowerbed is a great way to add another dimension to your front yard.  Not only do flowers add colour and depth, they are a great way for the family to get outdoors and enjoy some quality time together.  As the premier agent for all your Penticton real estate needs, I would like to share these invaluable tips on how you can prepare a fabulous flowerbed.

Start from Scratch

Before planting any flowers, take the time to clear out the flowerbed.  When cleaning the soil be sure to remove any and all:

  • Weeds and plants, such as grass.
  • Rocks and debris, such as sticks or old mulch.
  • Any other barriers, such as roots.

Once you have cleaned out your flowerbed, add a fresh layer of sifted top soil to supply extra nutrients and dig and turn over the soil to loosen it up.  Loose soil will allow proper drainage and make it easier for your flower’s roots to take hold.

Grow your Own

When it comes to the actual flowers, you have two choices.  You can start them from seeds, or you can visit your local nursery.  If you choose to start your flowers from seeds, it is best to start them indoors in an area with lots of sunlight.  Once the seedlings have grown a sturdy stem, it is time to transplant them into the flowerbed.  Nursery flowers on the other hand, are ready to be transplanted into your flowerbed immediately.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Regardless of whether you are growing your flowers from seeds or buying them at a nursery, try to choose a variety of different flowers and plants that will grow all season long.  Another thing to consider is the height of each flower and plant.  Make sure to plant larger flowers in the back, so that they do not crowd out smaller more delicate flowers.

The Perfect Plant

When transplanting your flowers, pay specific attention to the instructions on the seed box or the flower tag.  These instructions should tell you the following important information:

  • Proper spacing of each flower or plant.
  • Depth to be planted at.
  • How often they need watering.
  • The amount of sunlight that they require to grow.

Daily Routines

Once you have planted your flowerbed, it is important to immediately water your flowers as the transplant is quite stressful on the delicate plants.  Be sure to establish a weekly routine of watering, weeding and any other care that your flowerbed may require.  This routine can quickly become a great family activity and with proper care and attention, you will be able to watch your flowerbed thrive and flourish providing a whole season’s worth of colour and beauty.

If you would like more information on preparing a fabulous flowerbed or are interested in viewing some of the new and exciting real estate opportunities that abound in Penticton, please contact me today.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.