Small Kitchen?  – 5 Tips for Making the Most of this Limited Space

So your dream home has a small kitchen.  What to do next?  You could do a full-scale renovation, adding to the overall price of your home and further delaying your move in date, or you could get creative.  As the premier agent for Penticton real estate, I would like to offer you the following tips on how you can make the most out of the limited space in your small kitchen.

Island Life

An island is one of the most versatile tools in any kitchen.  It not only provides you with more counter space, but it also adds additional storage space as well.  If floor space is an issue, try getting an island with wheels.  This way you can store it in a larger room when it is not in use and still utilize the extra counter space when needed.

Light It Up

If you are looking at upgrading anything in your kitchen lighting should be your first priority.  A well-lit room not only gives the illusion of more space, it also makes it more inviting.  Try using lighting that washes everything in a sunlight type glow.  This will create an invigorating feeling in your kitchen.

Go Vertical

Vertical storage is a tried, tested and true method of making the most out of any small space.  Once you have filled your cupboards, drawers and kitchen cabinets, it is time to get creative.  Some great ways to use vertical space include:

  • Hanging pots and pans from racks above tables or counters.
  • Using racks, hooks or rods for towels, cloths and oven mitts.
  • Magnetic knife holders.
  • Storing spices, dishes and other cookware on shelving.

By utilizing your wall space, you will be able to keep your limited counter and surface space clear of any clutter.

Think Big

To make your kitchen appear bigger, try adding a splash of colour to an accent wall.  This will not only add some personality, it will also give the appearance of a larger room.  A large mirror is another way to open up the kitchen and make the space feel larger.


If your small kitchen does not have room for a conventional dishwasher, do not despair.  There are many portable dishwashers that are available that will do the same job as a standard dishwasher and can sit on your countertop.  You can also find models with wheels that can be moved into another room when not in use.  With a little legwork, you should not have any trouble finding a portable dishwasher that is the perfect dimensions in your small kitchen.

These space saving tips should open up your kitchen and save you a renovation.  If you would like any other space saving tips for small kitchens or would like to see some of the exciting new real estate options that abound in Penticton, please contact me today.





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