Please have a look at what some of our many clients have said about us over the years.

Your Guaranteed Sale Program is real

Calhoun,Diane-BobYour Guaranteed Sale Program is real, not just hollow promises like we expected. We were more than a little skeptical at first about how this worked but when Gil explained the program to us it worked perfectly.

We got the best of both worlds in selling our home and in buying the new one. Gil actually bought our home so we could move up and buy the home of our dreams. If Gil did not buy our home we would not have been able to purchase the great home we did You can not put a price on the piece of mind you have given us. Thank you so much "

Jay & Emma H.

1 min. 04 secs.
Our Home SOLD in 30 Days for $6,000 More!
Review: Gil starts review

We listed our home with Gil and SOLD it in 30 days for $6,000 more than we even had it listed for with our previous Realtor.  Then, once we had found a home that we really wanted, we couldn’t afford to buy it without, first, selling our home. We did not want to lose the opportunity to buy the home we had fallen in love with, so Gil stepped in and gave us an unconditional offer to buy our home!

— Manuel & Lisa A.

1 min. 16 secs.
So Easy and Painless
Review: Gil starts review

Phoned Gil on Tuesday, and by Saturday we were doing a deal for $20,000 more than I expected. Gil made the entire process so easy and painless.

— Dustin C.

58 secs.
Sold in 30 Days for $15,000 More Than Market Value
Review: Gil starts review

Gil had an impressive presentation, and my home was on the MLS that night! His team kept me well-informed, and called with weekly updates. I was ecstatic when my home sold in 30 days for $15,000 more than market value.

—  Ian F.

1 min. 6 secs.
Trustworthy and Professional
Review: Gil starts review

I’ve known Gil for many years. He sold our property above the appraised value in 15 days. Gil helped us a great deal. We’re very happy with where we are right now.

– Keith and Charmaine F.

Guaranteed Sale Program speaks for itself

Aubrey & Evelyn WWe had our home listed for sale with another realtor for 14 months and were getting nowhere. We were often asked to leave our home so they could have an open house and we had a ton of them with no results. It was a stalemate. No matter what we did nothing happened. We finally decided to call Gil and his team because of his Guaranteed Sale Program.

We really wanted to get our home sold. I was skeptical about his Guaranteed Sale Program however when we found a home we wanted to buy Gil bought our home so we would not miss getting the home we had our hearts set on Gil put all our concerns to rest took away all our anxiety and he guaranteed he would sell our home which he did. Gils Guaranteed Sale Program speaks for itself and they went above and beyond to keep all their promises. He and went out of his way to make things work for us and even got a couple extra days for us to actually make our move.

Gils office staff was very cordial and always kept us well informed. Gil and his team relieved all our stress about our move and made the transition to our new home incredibly easy Their service was outstanding and they actually went above and beyond all our expectations A job well done Thank you so much "

Aubrey & Evelyn W.

Gil absolutely lived up to all his promises

Ron & Ruth GWe are very happy and very relieved that you got our home sold. We tried selling our home without using a Real Estate Agent and were unsuccessful. We wasted alot of time and we already had a new home to go to and were worried about moving and leaving this house sit empty.

We initially came into contact with Gil through one of his websites and when he came to meet with us, his presentation to us was so very professional, we knew we had found the right person to sell our home. Gil guaranteed to sell our home and sell it in a reasonable period of time.

Gil actually bought someone elses home so they could buy ours! We did not have to entertain another offer "Subject to Selling" their home. We find it hard to imagine someone would buy someone elses home so that they could buy ours. Gil absolutely lived up to all his promises completely and then went further to ensure we were looked after. My wife and I realize just how fortunate we were to have found you and we can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for us. The uncertainty of not having our home sold caused us a lot of sleepless nights. Finally now that our home is sold, we got a good night sleep again.

The uncertanty of not listing our home sold caused us alot of sleepless nights. Finally, now that our home is sold, we got a good nights sleep again. "

Ron & Ruth G.


Kieth Sylvia RWe had already purchased our brand new home and just needed to get this one sold in order to move. Your knowledge and advice was bang on our home sold in 21 days for 100% of our asking price and in the time frame we wanted.

We have never worked with such an organized group of people all working toward meeting OUR goal. You were on top of everything from the exceptional marketing of our home to the unbelievable care and attention paid to our needs by you and your office staff. Your straight forward approach was much appreciated everything was laid out for us in black and white and you were always prepared to answer all of our questions fully.

You delivered on every single promise made and we are thrilled For us there simply is no comparison between your system and the way other Realtors do business. We will absolutely recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks again "

Kieth Sylvia R.

Sold my home in 20 days for 94% of the asking price

Evelyn HI am so happy and grateful to the Gil Szabo Real Estate team for all they have done for me.

I wanted to sell my home and find something with a little more space for me to do my sewing, and as much as I had enjoyed my home for many years it was never really my dream home. I live on a fixed income and was hoping to sell my home and move into something more suitable and have a little left over.

I originally called Gils office because I was interested in a property listed with another realtor. Gils partner quickly answered my call and had an appointment for me to see the home within 2 hours.

Gil and his team sold my home in 20 days for 94% of the asking price, and helped me to purchase a more suitable home and have more money in the bank even after renovations!

The entire team far surpassed all my expectations and went out of their way to ensure I had everything I needed, which gave me such peace of mind throughout the whole process. I was kept informed with weekly updates and all my questions were answered promptly. I was never put on hold or expected to wait, and everyone knew me by my first name. Their professionalism, superior service and kindness just can’t be beat.

I would recommend Gil Szabo and his team to anyone! "

Evelyn H.

Choosing Gil was the best real estate decision we have ever made

Diane and Bob CWhy was choosing Gil Szabo & Associates the best real estate decision we have ever made? Because in a “sellers” market, life is simple: you list, show and sell. However, in a “buyers” market you need so much more: honest appraisal, strategy, connections, persistence and above all, hard work.

And that is what they delivered. He gave us a completely honest opinion of how much our house should be listed for, Every week the office would phone us and inform us of all activity involving our property. Once a month we would receive an update on the real estate market in the area. Not once did the company try to persuade us to agree to an unacceptable offer, and, when an offer fell through, they went back to work to find a buyer.

Would we recommend the company to other sellers? We already have. Would we continue to recommend them? In a heartbeat. "

Diane and Bob C.

Sold for More Than Asking!!!!!!!

Ron & Joanne SYou listed our home on a Friday and brought us competing offers on Saturday!!!!!!!! What could be better? We used your office when we moved to town several years ago, and were so impressed that we contacted you again when it came time to sell.

The professionalism and excellent communication you and your Team displayed each and every day helped us know we made the right decision in selecting you and your Team to be our Realtor. The professional photography and virtual tours you presented our property with helped us sell our home in only 15 days for MORE THAN OUR ASKING PRICE!!!!!!! Your personal attention to detail made us feel as if our home was the only home you had listed for sale. "

Ron & Joanne S.

Gil's superior negotiating skills

Steve and Diane MDear Gil:

We cannot tell you how happy we are with the job you did in helping us buy our new home and get our current home sold!!

It has been 23 years since we bought a home and really didn’t know where to begin, but you were there every step of the way explaining everything from the in’s and out’s of new construction to providing us with a complete breakdown of what is happening in the current real estate market and what that meant for us. We received two offers on our current home and ultimately sold our home for 98.60% of our asking price in only 35 days.

Gils’ superior negotiating skills and great advice put $5,000 more money in our pocket than we thought we would end up with, even in the toughest market we have seen in Penticton in many years. The communication, service and ongoing updates were amazing and greatly appreciated. Knowing there was always someone there to answer any question completely put us at ease. We have and will continue to happily recommend you and your team to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. "

Steve and Diane M.

We Couldn’t Have Done Better!!!!

Jack and Judy WWhen we bought our home 20 years ago Gil bent over backwards for us and was the only choice for us when we decided it was time to sell.

We knew how hard you worked to get us this home and knew you would work just as hard to help us sell it.

We were really happy with how quickly you sold our home and that you helped us get everything we hoped we could get. Actually you got us our full asking price in only 22 days!

Your expertise and your professionalism and that of your team was wonderful and we were pleasantly surprised how everything you handled went so very smoothly.

We knew we couldn't have done any better with any other realtor and you didn't let us down."

Jack and Judy W.

33% MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Pat & Valerie DWe wanted to move to be closer to our family and did not want to move during the winter. Together we created our strategy to accomplish the sale when we wanted and at our price.

You SOLD our home for more than 33% more than the tax man suggested it would sell for and you made everything happen very smoothly and stress free.

The level of service you provided was substantially higher that we had ever experienced and your "Team System" was a huge benefit enabling us to always get a quick response to all our questions. We were extremely pleased with the services you provided regarding the sale of our home.

You always made us feel completely at ease, and always gave us great advice. "

Pat & Valerie D.

My home sold fast and hassle free!

I am definitely very happy with the results Gil and his team achieved in selling my home – it was even better than what I thought. I was really anxious my home would be sitting on the market for months. My friends who listed their homes with other realtors told me “all those realtors did was put a sign on the lawn and we never heard from them”.

Gil didn’t just let my house sit – he worked to get it sold - FAST - with results I was very happy with!

Gil was always up front and forthright with his proposals and strategies in getting my home sold, suggesting things I could do to make a difference. Even when the first offer fell through, Gil remained positive and worked to keep my home in the limelight.

Gil was very consistent with providing weekly progress reports and keeping me in the loop with feedback on showings. He’s really on top of what’s going on in the real estate market and this made me feel very confident in his abilities to get my home sold fast and hassle free! Which he did!!
I will, without doubt, refer my family and friends to Gil and his team – they got the job done with the results I wanted – what else could one ask for!

Thank you Gil and Team! "

Jacob K.

We really appreciate and thank you - going that extra mile

Gil’s professionalism in every aspect, the energy he brings to the table and his enthusiasm make him the successful business man he is today. We were under immense pressure and Gil was instrumental in making our sale happen smoothly, it meant a great deal to us and gave us the Peace Of Mind to move ahead!

Gil always kept us constantly up to date with Market Trends and activity updates on a weekly bases – we never felt ‘forgotten’ – a term we have heard from friends who didn’t see or hear from their realtor for weeks on end! In addition to being on his website and the internet, we were also very cognizant of the constant advertising, in each and every issue of the Penticton Weekly Real Estate – our home was always featured for viewing.

On our behalf, Gil arranged a ‘staging professional’ as well a professional photography session, which we feel made for a more attractive and ‘saleable home’ – and all of this we feel attributed to securing a sale! We really appreciate and thank you - going that extra mile and providing your Concierge Service was instrumental!

We wish Gil continued achievements in all you do and - YES – we will refer Gil and his team to our family and friends!

Our warmest regards "

Tricia & Bob H.

OUR HOME SOLD FOR 98% of asking price in JUST 16 DAYS!

When it came to selling our home we did not hesitate to contact Gil and his team! We had bought our first home with Gil some years ago and it was just automatic to connect with him again!

Our previous experience with other realtors was frustrating as they took us out of our comfort zone financially and into areas we were not really interested in. They just weren’t listening!

Gil’s immediate ‘Yes! We can help you!’ attitude made us feel very comfortable and we knew right away they were interested in what ‘we’ wanted. He really took the time to understand our needs and find out what was important to us.

Gil made everything so easy – and hassle free! He was extremely thorough and totally prepared, he is the expert when it comes to the local real estate market, the trends and the area. Gil and his team’s professionalism, communication and attention to detail are substantially higher in comparison to others. Anything we asked was followed up promptly – they delivered on everything they said they would!

We believe Gil’s preparation and the marketing strategy used to sell our home really made the difference - we got immediate action and are ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the results!! Our home SOLD for 98.77% of asking price in JUST 16 DAYS!

Gil’s consistent service, from buying our first home years ago, to now selling and buying another home – makes it easy to promote and recommend his services to our family and friends! We know they will received the same high level of service that we did!

Once again, a smooth and comfortable process!! Thank you Gil! "

Brian and Laurie C

Going Above and Beyond!

The relationship we have with our Realtor is very important to us. We were extremely comfortable working with Gil, his honesty and truthfulness was apparent from day one, even with the things we did not want to hear. We had complete confidence in him, knowing his top priority was looking out for us!

Gil always stayed positive; even as we felt frustrated time and again, in not finding the right home, it was apparent his mission was to find us that perfect home. Gil's experience and keen sense of observation really came through when looking at homes. He ensured we saw all the details of each property, pointing out things we would have missed.

The ultimate experience we had was when we were structuring an offer on a home; it was the one we really, really wanted - we saw this house as our perfect retirement home. The problem being, there was already an offer on the home. Gil’s words of advice still ring clearly in my ears and I have since used them myself. His advice was simple, “Have No Regrets”! We wrote a back up offer that we were comfortable with, and somehow Gil worked his magic and secured our dream home!

Gil’s commitment and service was head and shoulders above any previous experience we have had with other realtors. His willingness to go above and beyond to meet our needs, his flexibility to alter plans and get us into homes others may not have been able to on short notice, was fantastic. It was quite apparent to us that Gil has a great working relationship with other Realtors in the region. He told us he would find the perfect home for us, and he did! "

Leo & Mary G.

Gil SOLD My Home in 11 days for 97% of MY asking price!

Gil went out of his way to accommodate my every need, making everything extraordinarily EASY and EFFORTLESS on both my sale and purchase. He made my life much simpler, I never had to wonder what was going on, nothing we asked for or needed went without his prompt response.

Gil understood my needs and the speed at which he attended to everything was in stark contrast to previous experiences I had with other realtors. AND – Gil saved me more than $100,000 on the purchase of my ‘dream home’ property!! Great job Gil, thank you so much! "

Tim L.

MY CONDO SOLD FOR 99% of asking price in JUST 17 DAYS!

Gil is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and was very thorough in his preparation. I have used other realtors but none come close to Gil and his teams’ level of service.

I saw one of Gil’s signs on a lot and thought ‘that will never sell’ yet it sold and fast! When a friend referred Gil, I didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and I don’t regret it!

Gil was very straight forward, honest and extremely helpful every step of the way – and all this without being pushy! Gil kept me very well informed and has a very good follow up strategy as well as a very efficient and helpful team!

My condo sold for 99% of asking price in just 17 days! YES!! I will refer Gil and his team to my family and friends – no hesitation! Thank you Gil! "

Ralph K.

Sold our home for 100% of our asking price in only 42 days in a really tough market

We had found a home we wanted to buy, however we weren’t willing to commit to buying it without having our home sold first.

We knew the market was soft and thought we would be lucky to get it sold in time for a fair price. We called Gil for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his vast experience and proven track record for getting the job done.

Gil and his team did a great job of keeping us up to speed with weekly updates and stayed in constant communication. They kept all of their promises and sold our home for 100% of our asking price in only 42 days in a really tough market.

Thanks for everything "

Jon and Lisa M.

The whole process easy and stress free

Dear Gil:

I just wanted to write to thank you for all you did for me in the recent sale of my mothers’ home. You and your entire team made the whole process easy and stress free for me, which is exactly what I needed at this time.

It was so nice to deal with some one who was sincerely trying to help me. I never felt pressured to do anything and was always kept well informed of the efforts and progress to get the home sold.

I had the home listed with another realtor before calling you, but I just didn’t feel I was getting the service I had been promised or deserved.

You absolutely lived up to every promise you made and I am extremely happy to have gotten the home sold in just over 2 months and for 92.62% of the original asking price!!

Thanks again. "

Debbie L.

We can’t thank you enough

Dear Gil:

Thank you for all your efforts in selling our fathers home and achieving a very good result. We received three offers in the first week and ultimately sold the home for 97% of our asking price!

It can be worrisome trying to sell a property while living out of the area but the constant communication and updates from you and your team kept us up to speed on what was happening and helped to make the whole process easier. We can’t thank you enough. "

Cliff H.

Honest accurate advice

I had decided to make a move, was leaving town and needed to get my home sold fast and within a specific time frame. I had worked with Gil in the past and knew he would get the job done quickly. With all I had to do the last thing I needed was to worry about whether or not my house would sell in time. I needed honest, accurate advice and this is what Gil provided me with.

Gil kept every promise he made and the team kept me completely informed every step of the way. The constant communication kept my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on all the other things that needed to be done before the move.

I am so pleased with the results the team got for me. My house sold in 37 days for 96.46% of my asking price which allowed me to get on with my life.

I would recommend the Gil Szabo Real Estate Team to anyone looking to sell their home quickly and hassle free!

Thanks again for another job well done. "

Paula C.

I was so impressed with the level of professionalism

Gil and The World Class Real Estate Group really stand out, and the resources they used to sell my home quickly brought everything together for me. They went even further than the extra mile, always looking out for my best interests and enabling me to sell my home in only 22 days for MY full asking price!

When the time came to buy a new home, he was quick to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for and made great recommendations in order to negotiate the best possible buy for me. I can’t tell you how extremely happy I am!

I was so impressed with the level of professionalism he and his team displayed over and over again that I have already referred my other family member to him. Thank you so much! "

Rob Gludovatz

You lived up to all the promises you made

Dear Gil:

I am so very happy with the recent sale of my home. You and your team made the whole process so easy for me, and I can’t thank you enough.

When it came time to sell my home, I knew I wanted someone I could trust. You lived up to all the promises you made and I know my home sold as fast as it did because you were realistic and called it like you saw it. I trusted your advice, set the right price for my home and had an accepted offer with in a month!!!.

The team concept you have works beautifully, and is very different from the way other realtors I have worked with do things. Everyone is so organized and the constant communication and weekly updates are fantastic. I was never left wondering and all my calls were always handled promptly.

You have a very positive attitude and approach toward helping people, you’re not just gathering another paycheck, and I think that goes a long way!

Thank you so much! "

Beryl Oliver

An unconditional contract to buy our home

Dear Gil:

We are absolutely ecstatic that you got our home sold so we could buy another home that we really had our hearts set on. We tried unsuccessfully to purchase the other property on our own, however were unable to proceed when we were unable to get our home sold. We realized that the market was very challenging at the moment and it was the first time we ever found ourselves in this situation, given current market conditions.

We initially chose to work with Gil because of his Guaranteed Sale Program. We were hesitant at first, however the security Gil gave us by way of an unconditional contract to buy our home allowed us to buy the other home at a great price, knowing our home was already sold!

We accepted Gil's offer, and continued to market our property, to try to get more money, which we did in only 42 days. We ultimately sold our home for $6,000 more than we were even asking and $15,000 more than Gil had agreed to buy it for. The best part is, we were able to keep the additional money, making this an even better deal for us!

Gil actually bought our home so we could buy another one and ended up in an even better position than if we had sold it ourselves! We find it hard to imagine any Realtor would actually buy someones home so that they could buy one of his listings. Gil absolutely lived up to all our expectations completely and then went further to ensure we looked after.

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for us. "

Sid & Pat Scull

Thrilled that you sold our home so fast, even in such a difficult market!

Dear Gil:

I wanted to let you know how very happy we are with the results you got for us during the sale of our home. Dealing with you and your team made the whole process go so smooth and easy.

You came highly recommended to us and we are so glad that we called you. You were always helpful, informative and courteous of our needs. Your extensive marketing is what really got our attention and we are thrilled that you sold our home so fast, even in such a difficult market!

You more than met our expectations and delivered on every promise you made.
Thank you so much! "

Crystal and Andy Robar

The constant communication meant I never felt alone

Dear Gil:

I just wanted to write to thank you for all you did for me in the recent sale of my home. I couldn’t be happier with the service you provided. I had my home listed with another realtor for over six months and it did not sell. I had spoken to one of your team at your office a year ago and now realize the advice he gave me was completely honest and realistic, and not full of over inflated promises.

You absolutely lived up to every promise you made, and working with your team has been just fantastic. You were so patient and understanding of my needs, always ringing me up to keep me informed and up to date, and there was always someone on the other end of the line to answer all my questions. The constant communication meant I never felt alone.

I would highly recommend your team to anyone I know.

Thanks again. "

Jillian McKenzie

Extremely happy with the fantastic job you did

I live out of town and wanted a realtor I could count on to get the job done professionally and done quickly, without a lot of hassle. You came highly recommended to me from two different sources, as someone with an aggressive marketing plan who gets results and that was what I needed.

I wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with the fantastic job you did and the speed in which you sold my property. Initially we may have priced the home too high, but with the evidence you showed me, we set the price right for today’s market and we saw immediate activity, just like you suggested.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to know there was a whole team of people backing you up and helping to get the job done. You sold my home in 29 days and for full asking price, even in this difficult market!

Thank you again so much for all you did. "

Denis Tarr

The competence and professionalism of your team was incredible

Dear Gil:

We had never sold a home before and were unsure about how it all worked and felt it was going to be long involved process. We Interviewed a few realtors and chose to work with you and your team because of your professionalism and all you had to offer.

The way you explained everything was very helpful and the use of an actual interior designer and professional photographer at no cost to us really made a big difference in selling our home. Even the buyers were impressed with how well our home showed and the photos of it!

The competence and professionalism of your team was incredible, everything was beautifully handled and went very smoothly with no hiccups throughout the entire process.

The speed that you did everything you did was great and helped us sell our home for even more than we had hoped. All your efforts sold our home in only 8 days for our full asking price! Fantastic work!

Thank you so much, Gil. Keep up the great job! "

John and Ruth Garland

Selling our home in 3 weeks for 99% of the asking price!

Dear Gil:

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are with the fantastic job you did marketing and selling our home! We are in the process of building a new home and didn’t want the added stress of not having this one sold. We had tried selling previously with another realtor and were not at all pleased with the results as we had it listed for nearly 9 months! We saw very few qualified buyers and felt completely abandoned with little to no communication.

We started to receive some information from your company, and while we felt very apprehensive due to our past experience with realtors, we decided it couldn’t hurt to hear what you had to say. You completely won us over with your straight forward, honest approach to the facts regarding the market value of our home.

The constant contact from you and your team was excellent and helped us the most by keeping us informed on a weekly basis. You helped us to see that not all realtors are the same and you more than lived up to your promises, selling our home in 3 weeks for 99% of the asking price!

We are thrilled, thank you again "

Tina & Simon Funk

It was very impressive I am grateful for your guidance

I have to let you know that I was 100% satisfied with your performance as my realtor. The information and advice you provided was practical economical and effective and allowed me to focus on more important things. We received two offers in less than two weeks and closed for more than the asking price all in a slow market.

It was very impressive I am grateful for your guidance in responding to the competing offers and in closing the sale. It was a seamless exercise. All in all I could not have asked for more. "

Leo Lehtiniemi