Home Selling Tips -Taking the Perfect Listing Photographs

Selling your home is not as simple as putting up a for sale sign in the front yard.  In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, a strong online portfolio complete with high-resolution images is an essential component to attract buyers and to sell at full market value.  As the premier agent for all your Penticton real estate needs, I would like to share the following tips on how to take the perfect listing photos.

The Right Light

Regardless of what type of photograph you are taking, finding the right light is most important.  When it comes to getting the perfect images, make sure that you are working with natural light sources.  Other tips for using this light to your advantage include:

  • Never shoot into the light, instead, keep all natural light sources at your back. If you shoot into the light it will wash out your photo.
  • Try taking your listing photos in the early morning or late afternoon when the light sources are softer.
  • Turn off all other sources of light. Natural light will give your photographs a clear, crisp blue look.  Using other light sources such as bulbs or lamps will give your photographs more of an orange look.  Do not try to blend the two light sources.
  • If you are wanting to showcase both a room as well as the window and view, use two separate photographs. Trying to capture both images in one photo will either wash out or blur the picture and detract from the features.

Lens Types

The right lens will make a huge difference in your listing photographs.  The perfect lens is wide-angled.  Using a wide-angle lens will make the rooms of your home appear bigger and thus be more attractive to a homebuyer.  If you are using your smartphone to take your listing photos, you can purchase a wide-angle attachment lens that will help you achieve the desired look.

The Power of Online

A well put together online real estate portfolio will attract a wide range of buyers, while at the same time showcase your home’s specific selling features.  The right real estate agent will construct an online marketing portfolio and advertise your home on the right websites.  Eye-catching photographs will bolster your file and sell your home faster and at full market value.

Following these simple and effective photography tips will give you the desired listing images that are sure to strengthen your online portfolio.  If you would like more information on how to capture the perfect home photographs or are interested in listing your home on Penticton’s real estate market, please contact me today.  I would love to turn your for sale sign into a sold one.  I look forward to working with you today.


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